Our Vision & Mission


Ada’D Publishers OÜ has a vision that aims to play an active role in raising public awareness in the field of dentistry and to maintain and develop its education and research activities at the national and international levels.


The purpose of Ada’D Publishers OÜ is to develop researches and publications in the field of dentistry for the improvement of public oral health.

– To disseminate distinguished and original scientific researches in the field of dentistry

– To increase the international recognition of the dental journals

– To encourage distinguished editorial board members and referees to take part in journals

– To meet the researchers’ need to publish their scientific researches

– To announce all types of dental research activities at local, regional, and global levels

– To create study groups among different specialties of dentistry and to organize workshops, courses, and trainings


– Quality

– Creativity

– Trust

– Academic freedom with responsibility

– Accountability

– Respect for diversity