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-The Article Processing Fee (APF) invoiced to Estonia or authors that from the European Union (EU) but do NOT havevalid VAT number are subject to 20% VAT.

-EU institutions and organizations that pay the fee on behalf of authors can avoid payment of 20% VAT by providing their VAT registration number.

Outside the EU, individuals and organizations should NOT add the 20% VAT.

Once your payment has been processed, you will receive a confirmation email from PayPal. This email should be sent to as proof of payment. Once we receive this payment proof email, your article will be processed for publication as soon as possible.

License Type 2021 Article Processing Fee (APF)
CC BY License 800 EUR (via Wire Transaction)
CC BY License + 20% VAT (EU Countries) 960 EUR (via Wire Transaction)
CC BY License + 5% PayPal Transaction Fee 840 EUR (via PayPal)
CC BY License + 20% VAT (EU Countries) + 5% PayPal Transaction Fee 1008 EUR (via PayPal)

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Note: 5% of the APF amount (PayPal Transaction Fee) must be added to the payment. For example, you need to send 840 EUR (800 EUR + 5%) so that Ada’D Publishers can receive 800 EUR.

All the charges of the Wire Transfer must be borne by you.

EJD Article Processing Fee (APF) + 5% PayPal Transaction Fee